Winners of the CASPIAN REGION WITHOUT BORDERS competition were selected.

This year the competition received 141 applications from all of the Caspian countries.

“The works have been performed at a very high and professional level, that is why for the first time we have taken an unprecedented step – we have increased the number of special awards” – a permanent chairman of the jury, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Alexey Volin said.

“We are glad that journalist competition is gaining momentum, the jury has held a heated discussion while selecting the winners” – the Astrakhan governor chief of administration Kanat Shantimirov said

Traditionally, this year the competition was held at the Governor’s administration and supported by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and Caspian countries editorial office.

“Likoil-Nizhnevolskneft” company was a sponsor of the competition.

This year “The Caspian sea without boarders” competition has grown to five categories.

* “A man and the sea” (works devoted to the ecology of the unique sea-lake),

* “FotoKaspij” (photojournalists’ and photo artists’ works),

* “Opening the Caspian countries” (works devoted to cultural, sightseeing and tourism issues),

* “The Caspian sea – the territory of health” (works dedicated to sport and healthy lifestyle issues),

* “A fresh perspective” (young authors works)

Diploma of the winner in the nomination “Man and the Sea” for his series of works on cooperation between the Astrakhan region and Kazakhstan was received by Serik Kabdulov, correspondent of the newspaper “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” in the Atyrau region (Republic of Kazakhstan). The jury awarded the second prize for the “Salvation” work in this category to the director of ARB Aranfilm (Azerbaijan) Yeghane Abdulmamedova. The award for the third place in the nomination “Man and the Sea” was received by the correspondent of the Internet site “Mazandum” (Islamic Republic of Iran) Colsuum Fallahi (for the material “The Caspian Sea is waiting for the signing of the convention”).

In the nomination “Discovering the Caspian Sea Countries” the diploma for the first place for the article “Great Interaction” was awarded to Galiya Aliyeva, head of the department of science and education of the newspaper Caspi online (Republic of Azerbaijan). The awards for the second and third places, respectively, were received by: Nadezhda Shilman (Tulin), correspondent of the Atyrau regional social-political newspaper Prikaspiyskaya Kommuna, for materials “On the border of the cloud go grimly?” And “Let’s live, communicate, create!”) And own correspondent of the TASS news agency for the Rostov region Elena Gritsenko (for the materials “How the paternal hobby becomes a museum” and “The sign of infinity on the pitcher”).

Moreover, the jury selected the best work for Grand Prize, as well as has established special awards

Upon the Jury’s decision, the first place winner, in the nomination “Caspian region is a territory of health” (by the way, this nomination is new in this competition) became the reporter of the State television and radio company “Lotos” (Russia, Astrakhan) Anastasia Andereyko – for a special report called “Black caviar: delicacy or a chance to live?”.

The journalist of Tehran newspaper “Ghanoon” (Iran) Najmeh Jamshidi was awarded the second place for the following articles: “Russian dream of Iran”, “Risks of the Caspian region” and “We write “Caspian region” but read “Scrapyard”.

A diploma and a prize for the third place was given to the photo-journalist of the newspaper of the energy complex “Pre-Caspian Energy worker” in Atyrau, Amangeldi Mutigullin, for the photos “Fishermen on the Caspian Sea”.

Places in the nomination “Fresh perspective” were arranged the following way. The Head of the department of State and public life, social policy and the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan” Irina Imamkulieva was awarded the first place and the diploma of the winner. The second place was taken by the head of the news service Ltd “Astrakhan regional channel” (Russia, Astrakhan) Zhanna Mukhambetalieva (for the work “Turkmen carpet”), the third place was obtained by the head of the politics and economy department of the newspaper “Baku worker” (Azerbaijan) Rauf Nasirov.

In the nomination “Caspian Photo” the jury of the competition unanimously decided to give the winner prize to the creative team of the Information policy management of the Astrakhan State University for the photo report “Astrakhan ASB 3×3”.

In the nomination “A human and the sea” the special prize was given to the staff of the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”. In addition, the jury acknowledged the active participation the journalist of the socio-political newspaper of Atyrau region “Pre-Caspian minucipality” (Republic of Kazakhstan) Lubov Monastyskaya.

The special prize for the well-informed reporting of the topic on the interaction between the 5 countries of the Caspian sea in the nomination “Discovering countries of the Caspian sea” was given to the staff of the radio “Yuzhnaya Volna”(Russia, Astrakhan). The regular participant of the competition, the staff of the “Channel 7+DMV” also was awarded with a special prize.

The culmination of the award ceremony was the revealing the name of the Grand Prix winner of the competition “Caspian region with no borders”. It was a radio journalist of the radio station “Gilan” (Islamic Republic of Iran) Mahdi Azari. He revealed the problem of the extinction of seal population in the Caspian Sea in a vivid and impressive format of the “report from the refugee camp”.

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